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Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai

Shekhar Suman Sparkler

MY RJ Teena
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Personality Type : Full of Entertainment , Intelligent , Matured
MY Favorite Songs : Har mahine change hota hai
My Favorite Movie : DDLJ , Sholay , Speed , Top Gun , MI
My RJing Style : Fresh & Chirpy
My Favorite Actors : Big B , Kajol,Tom Cruise
My Favorite Gataway : Home Town
My Favorite Busters : Music
My Most Successful pickup line : Try karni hi nahi padi :P
MY Favorite Food: Chicken Curry –Rice & Maa Ke Hath Ke Rajma-Chawal
Had I not been a RJ I would have been: Chef hoti ya Basket Ball Player
My Tagline : Kal subah kareinge Mukkalaat
Music for me is : Meditation
My Date of Birth : 21st January
How I Got to be a RJ : RJ Hunt Jeet Ke …..Yeeeeee it was awesome
Mantra in Life : Be the way you are , Live & Let Live
Most Embarrasing RJ Moment : Matto Karo....Yaad mat dilaao!!!
Most Fulfilling RJ Moment : Everyday being On Air doing live show ….nothing can be more Safal than this